Applications are closed until January


Dear Butte offers one residency spot per month for up to a 10 day stay. Qualified applicants are writers of any kind. Novelists, songwriters, non fiction, podcast writers, musical composers, poets…etc. We do not host visual artists or multimedia artists at this time. Applications are open during these times.

Spring Application Period – Month of June

Winter Application Period – Month of January


Application fee is $25 per applicant, non refundable.

Applications should be submitted in essay format 1000 words or less.


The two main topics of your essay will be why you need to utilize the workspace that Dear Butte has to offer and what you can give back in the form of community engagement to the city of Butte. How will you teach, speak, lead, listen and or entertain while you are here? Be specific in this intention, the more thought you can give to your community engagement the better. Also be specific how your life and work will benefit from holding a residency spot at Dear Butte. What are you coming here to specifically work on or complete? Why do you need this space to complete your project?


A few parameters for use of the house, this is meant to be a solitary experience, unless you are collaborating with another writer, spouses, significant others and family members should stay at home. If you are a touring musician traveling to Butte please do not use your residency time to tour around Montana. Booking shows on either side of your stay is fine, just not while at the residency house.

Please research the cost and geography of getting to and from Butte, MT before you apply. Summer season is expensive if you are flying in from out of state. Butte has an airport but flying into Bozeman or Missoula is more affordable. You will need to drive here or rent a car while staying at the residency house as it is not close to services. We cannot offer airport pick up or chauffeur services. There is a taxi service in Butte but no ride sharing apps.



Essay Requirements


In 1k words or less please describe:

 What attracts you to utilize the space offered by Dear Butte?

 A brief history of your life in writing and or music.

 What you hope to accomplish artistically during your time at Dear Butte.

 Describe your strengths in either teaching, lecturing or performing and how you’d implement such disciplines to engage the town of Butte, MT at the conclusion of your stay. 


*Save your essay as a PDF file and attach it to the form. Make sure it is smaller than 10mb is size.


Thank you so much for your interest in staying at Dear Butte. Your application will be thoroughly reviewed by our board members and you will be contacted within one month of submission.

Please fill out all fields

Essay must be a PDF

No more than 1000 words

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