Who We Are:


Dear Butte is a not for profit organization under Working Quiet 501 c3. Any donation to this organization is considered a charitable tax deduction in which we are happy to provide a receipt.  As an organization we garner no income from residents other than a twenty five dollar application fee. It is a great hope that we can expand our donation program and grant funding to allow more residency spots to applicants per application cycle.


What does your donation to Dear Butte help fund?


  • Utility expenses on the resident house
  • Annual taxes on resident house
  • Maintenance and cleaning
  • Reviewing applications
  • Community programming costs, including advertising
  • Most importantly, expansion of residency spots available and expansion of community programing


Where We Are:


Butte, Montana is an artist enclave, there are so many creatives living in this small city. We also have a lack of consistent cultural community engagement surrounding art, writing and music. One of the larger goals of Working Quiet is to re invigorate the community’s curiosity and commitment to supporting the arts, particularly writing. We are deeply grateful for any contribution you or your organization is able to make to this program. Currently this residency is offered as a short term rental when there is not a writer using the space. With more donations and interest from the public, we are hoping to place more residents per month than just one and in the long run end the short term rental of this space.


Resident Alumni: